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Date added: Jan 9, 2015 Do you insist on using plastic bags

Ever wonder why some people think its ok to let their dog poop anywhere and just move on without even attempting to dispose of it?

There are trails and parks covered with the stuff. Particularly when its cold, people let their pet poop and run. If you are a dog owner and I am getting to you about this stuff, listen, its never too late to “do the right thing”. Dog poop and water systems don’t mix. As the Spring thaw begins, it’s time to pick it up while its still frozen. But what to pick it up with. Don’t even think about using more plastic unless its biodegradable. Here are some statistics about those “recycled plastic bags”.

100 billion are dispensed to Americans
12 billion barrels of oil are used to produce them
1000 years to break down

Standard plastic bags don’t degrade, they photodegrade, which means they break down into even smaller pieces that enter the soil and water as well as the food chain, killing birds and marine animals by entagling them or clogging their intestines.

Let’s face it they have despoiled even the wild places on this planet. Use cloth bags when shopping and make sure that the bags you use to pick up your dog’s poop are truely green biodegradable bags such as ipoopicker - paper dog poop bag



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