The Box


   100% Biodegradable

   100% Recycled paper

   100% No contact

   100% Compostable

   Durable and hygienic

   One size fits all dog

   Buckled holder


1. All materials are safe,eco-friendly,biodegradable,compostable,recycled kraft paper. The adhesive is starch glue. Not plastic.



2. Six bundles in one box and each bundle has ten bags. Total sixty bags in one box which is suit your monthly usage.



3. Each bag include kraft bag and a pair of kraft board handle. The folding bag is portable in your pocket.




4. Hold the handle and open the bag to wholly cover the poop.




5. Flat the handle and close to make sure the poop in the bag.

6. Put the handle together and insert the plugs on the hole. Seal the bag to prevent the leakage.